What Does Out-Sourced P.E. Look Like?

Intrigued by the idea of adding or modifying the way you offer Physical Education, but not sure how it would work? We understand! When we created this model in 2015, we weren't completely sure how it would look either. Luckily for you (and us), we have the experience, staff and curriculum to walk you through the steps and to put you on the path to providing the best possible P.E. program for your students! 


Likely, yes! Our professional staff bring a ton of experience leading young people in almost every scenario!

  • Traditional or charter schools? Check!
  • Early Child Care Facilities? Check!
  • Homeschool Associations or Small Groups? Check!

Is Out-Sourced P.E. Right for you?

Here are some things to consider when determining if Out-Sourced P.E. is a good fit: 

  • Are you not able to offer P.E. currently?
  • Is you current cost of offering P.E. not sustainable (i.e. full-time salary(ies) becoming un-affordable?
  • Would your students benefit more from a curriculum in which experts from different fields lead the instruction?
  • Not sure? We can help you!

Is My Facility Able to Host P.E.?

We have found that one of barriers to offering P.E. for many schools and organizations is the belief that you need a dedicated field or gym space to provide quality Phyiscal Education programming. While a dedicated space such as a field or gym can be a nice ammenity to have, it is not a requirement for offering quality P.E.! We have offered P.E. for schools and early childhood centers settings that include building alleys to multi-purpose rooms! Simply put, where there is a will there is a way, and we will find it!

Cost! How Much Does it Cost?

Ah, yes! The all too often biggest barrier to providing P.E. (or other enrichment programs): how much does it cost and what do you get for that expense? Good news is that you have total control! Have a tiny student body and even smaller budget? No worries, we can build a plan that works for you! From meeting once a week for one class period, to providing six classes a day- five days a week, we have seen and serviced them all! We have a base rate range of $45-$65/class .


Our approach to early childhood and elementary age sports education is simple: provide a foundation based on the basic elements of the subject matter and don't put a cap on the results!  

Leading young people doesn't require personal accolades ​​or success of the instructor in the given subject matter. Young people have a zest for knowledge and experience, what "you did" probably occurred before they were born so it's really insignificant to their perspective. What does matter in the mind of a young person is can you relate? Can you inspire? Can you communicate on a level that THEY can understand? At Junction Place Sports, our staff is provided a curriculum, better yet a language, that ensures just that! While communication with parents/guardians is of the utmost importance to our organizational principals, our aim is to have YOUR child be able to explain to you what they learned and love about Basketball Basics and Simply Soccer!  

We provide clear and pointed adult based information- the "who/what/where/when's". What we don't do is force a narrative of what your child did or how they felt about it in a "copy and paste" email/text format that has become common place today. That's not the job of an instructor of young people. We aim to have your child fill in the blanks to whatever questions you may have! Our instruction is repetitive, like, really repetitive, as in, we say the same phrases over and over and over and over again- something we are sure you can understand. We don't back away from that approach. It works.  

Here is what you can expect when you provide your child the experience of Junction Place Sports' Basketball Basic or Simply Soccer Programs:

  • Knowledge: Our coaches must receive 200 hours of practical training with JPS Founder/CEO "Coach" Josh Tolbert before being able to leading Junction Place Sports programs.  
  • Passion: Our coaches all come with a passion for sports (check out "Our Team" story) and for cultivating a similar love of sport with the children we serve.  
  • Patience An intricate part of leading children through any discipline is patience. They will make mistakes. Directions will need to be repeated. Basic concepts will need to be reinforced. These ideals are a point of emphasis in our "Coaches Playbook" that guides all Junction Place Sports coaches. Knowing everything there is to know about a particular discipline is great! Forgetting or not recognizing the wonderful patience and persistence required to master any skill and failing to implement that while leading others is simply unacceptable.