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All Sports Camps

We've got our own building and can't wait to ROCK IT this summer! Check out why our Holiday and 2021 Summer All Sports Camps @ Junction Place Sportsplex is going to be your home for the best in youth sports and movement camp options!

Enrichment Programs

Want the best in youth sports programming, but JPS hasn't made it into your school yet? No worries! Join us for our after-school and weekend enrichment programs @ Junction Place Sportsplex

At YOUR School

 Sports are kinda our thing! Let it be YOUR thing at YOUR school or Early Childhood Center by partnering with Junction Place Sports! With Fully-Outsourced P.E. Programming to After School Sports, we've got you covered with no work on your part! 

Our Philosophy

Founded in April 2015, Junction Place Sports provides programming for schools, sports organizations and community members.  

We wanted to change the way people - especially kids - thought about and felt about early childhood athletics, from basic movements to P.E. classes to organized sports.  

The old mentality is that you’re either “good at sports,” or you’re not. And that’s why so many kids get discouraged from pursuing various disciplines.  

At Junction Place Sports, we want you to LIKE moving, and we want you to move functionally. That is why we make it fun and enjoyable. We focus on the fundamentals and core guiding principles of movement that prepares kids for over 95% of sports and athletics. This allows them to approach various interests with confidence, and effectively discover the sports that resonate with them most. ​ We don’t teach students to be the best basketball, football, or soccer player. (Though, that might end up happening in some cases!) Instead, we focus on empowering kids to enjoy and experience athletic-based movements with confidence, so that they can discover and follow their own interests, in their own time.