U7 Aces Travel Ball Tryout Form

Your Questions: Our Answers!

1) What is the Cost? Two options: First, a one-time payment of $950 to be made on or before February 15 . Second, two installments of $500 to be made on or before February 15 and March 15, respectively.

2) What is included in the cost? Essientally, everything accept your (spectators) admission into games and travel expenses. Players will recieve: 

  • 43 Indoor Practices @ LBSA
  • 4 Coaches with combined 40+ years of experience
  • 6 Tournament Registrations and Umpire Fees 
  • Uniforms (jersey, hat, pants, helmet)
  • Team Insurance (required for tournament play)
  • Access to Teamsnap Team Management Platform 

3) Is There a Set Schedule? Of course! We have every practice scheduled for the entire season. We also have identified weekends when we will not play in a tournament or hold a practice (baseball is incredible, but balance is important). We have indentified 6 "priority tournaments" and weekends. We have also identified 3 "back-up" weekends in the event we have a cancellation of one our "priority tournaments."

Check Out our Schedule Overview!

Meet Your Coaches!

Coach Josh will serve as Team Manager. He brings 14 years of Youth Sports Managing and Coaching Experience. In 2008-2009, he served as the Head Coach of the Carrollton Blue U7 & U8 Travel Teams. As leader, his teams won a State Championship and were World Series Runner-Up in USSSA competition. He will be in charge of organizing all the boring, but critical, aspects of cultivating a successful and transparent travel team experience. 

Coach Brad

Coach Brad will serve as Skill Development Manager. He will assist coaching for all Sunday pracitces and several weekday practices in addition to being Parent Liazon for volunteer coaches. He brings with him 4 years of experience. For two years he worked as a Team Manager and Head Coach U7 & U8 Harahan Hawks. Coach Brad also worked two years as the coach of U9 & U10 Big Easy Hurricanes Travel Team where his teams won 2 USSSA State Runner-Ups and several tournament champs.

Coach Toni brings a lifetime of experience in the Travel Ball world. As a player, she has 9 years experience as a member of Deja Vu, St. Charles Travel, and NOLA Fastpitch. In addition, she was a starter on three consecutive LHSAA State Championship teams as a member of John Curtis Patriots. After her college playing days ended, she joined as a coach of NOLA Fastpitch for 2 seasons in addition to being a member of the Junction Place Sports Staff!


Junction Place Sports has teamed up with the Ace's Travel Ball outfit to create a U7 Travel Baseball Team housed out of Louisiana Baseball and Softball Academy. Junction Place Sports, under the leadership of Coach Josh, Coach Brad, Coach Joel and Coach Toni, will handle all aspects of the U7 Aces. The larger components of the Aces Travel Program, under the leadership of Coach Ryan, will continue to focus their operations on the existing U9, U10, U11, U12 and U13 teams already orgnaized and operating out of the Louisiana Baseball and Softball Academy (LBSA), located on 5620 Crawford St. 


  • Interested Parties need to fill out the form above prior to open (or scheduled) tryouts.
  • Open tryouts are being held on Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26 from 11:00 AM- 12:00 Noon @ Louisiana Baseball and Softball Academy.
  • Scheduled Tryouts can be arranged via text message to 504-356-1812. 
  • U7 Parents meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 4 from 6:00-7:00 PM @ LBSA. 
  • The first practice will be held on Friday, February 7 from 6:00-7:00 PM @ LBSA (February practices not mandatory). 


To provide a positive, impactful and resonating experience for players, parents and coaches during the course of a five month baseball season. 


Team sports can provide a platform for growth in any young person's life. Having the opportunity to practice and compete, while being gracious and humble when experiencing success or failure, will create an environment for young people to realize individual potential and indentify areas for improvement. Doing so with people whose relationships will transform from teammates to friends to family is what should be at the core of any youth team. Setting clear goals, outlining finite expectations, and planning out a roadmap to get from point A to Z is how we approach team sports. 


The vision of the U7 Aces Travel Baseball Team is to utlize our vast resources and knowledge to inspire the next generation of ballplayers to create their own, collective and individual, stories and history. We will achieve this by focusing on the part too often marginalized in today's culture: practice. Introducing new elements and techniques, reinforcing them via repetition and attention to detail, will be our formula and rubric for success. Through this program we hope and plan to win games and tournaments in addition to developing ballplayers and people of quality character.


Our approach to early childhood and elementary age sports education is simple: provide a foundation based on the basic elements of the subject matter, and don't put a cap on the results!  

Leading young people doesn't require personal accolades ​​or success of the instructor in the given subject matter. Young people have a zest for knowledge and experience. What "you did" probably occurred before they were born so it's really insignificant to their perspective. What does matter in the mind of a young person is can you relate? Can you inspire? Can you communicate on a level that THEY can understand? At Junction Place Sports, our staff is provided with a curriculum, and better yet a language, that ensures just that! While communication with parents/guardians is of the utmost importance to our organizational principals, our aim is to have YOUR child be able to explain to you what they learned and love about our programs!  

We provide clear and pointed adult based information: the "who/what/where/when's." What we don't do is force a narrative of what your child did or how they felt about it in a "copy and paste" email/text format that has become common today. We aim to have your child fill in the blanks to whatever questions you may have! Our instruction is repetitive, like, really repetitive. We like to say the same phrases over and over and over and over again- something we are sure you can understand. We don't back away from that approach. It works.  

Here is what you can expect when you provide your child the experience of Junction Place Sports' Basketball Basic or Simply Soccer Programs:

  • Knowledge: Our coaches must receive 200 hours of practical training with JPS Founder/CEO, "Coach" Josh Tolbert, before being able to lead Junction Place Sports programs.  
  • Passion: Our coaches all come with a passion for sports (check out "Our Team" story) and for cultivating a similar love of sport with the children we serve.  
  • Patience An intricate part of leading children through any discipline is patience. They will make mistakes. Directions will need to be repeated. Basic concepts will need to be reinforced. These ideals are a point of emphasis in our "Coaches Playbook" that guides all Junction Place Sports coaches. Knowing everything there is to know about a particular discipline is great! Forgetting or not recognizing the wonderful patience and persistence required to master any skill and failing to implement that while leading others is simply unacceptable.